Wanna be the Best English Student? Learn This Study Tips!

Learning can be a challenging thing to do especially when you’re learning the English language. But if you do it little by little and with consistency, you’ll be able to succeed. Here are some guidelines to help you improve your reading and pronunciation that will lead you to become a better English student. 

Study Every Day

Learning a new language is a time-consuming process, more than 300 hours by some estimates. Instead of trying and cram a few hours of a review once or twice a week, most experts say short, regular study sessions are more effective. Take time for like 30 minutes a day can help you improve your English skills over time. 

Keep Things Fresh

Some people would focus on one single assignment for the entire study session, instead, you can try to mix things up. Study a little grammar, then do a short listening exercise, then maybe you could read an article on the same topic. Just remember don’t force yourself by doing too much, 20 minutes each on three different exercises is plenty. The variety will keep you engaged and makes studying more fun.

Read, Watch, and Listen a lot

You can start by reading magazines, newspapers, books, listen to music, or watch a movie it will help you improve your written and verbal comprehension skills. If you do it consistently, you’ll begin to unconsciously absorb things like pronunciation, speak patterns, grammar, and accents. 

Keep your pen and paper close to you. you may need it to write down words you read or heard that unfamiliar to you. Then you can do some research on the internet or simply use your dictionary to find the meaning of the words.

Learn the sound separately 

Non-native English speakers will sometimes struggle with certain word pronunciations because in their country there are no similar sounds in their native tongue. There might be several words that are similar but pronounced quite different.  As an example, in English, there are some letters where of them is silent (The K in “knife”). There are plenty of English pronunciation videos you can find on YouTube.

Watch out for Homophones

Do you know what homophones are? Homophones are words that are pronounced the same way, but their spellings are different and have different meanings. You will find several homophones in English which is the challenging part of learning the English language. 

Here’s an example of homophones; “Pack your clothes, then close the suitcase.” Both “clothes” and “close” sound the same, but their spelling and meaning are different. 

Play Vocabulary and Grammar Games

Improving your English can be done by doing plenty of things one of them is playing vocabulary games that are related to what you are studying.  You can also play a similar game with grammar reviews. 

These two games will help you prepare and think critically about vocabulary and usage. 

Write it down

Writing while you’re learning on a sheet of paper and repeating it inside your head is key as you’re learning English. Take 30 minutes at the end of your class and write down what you’ve learned from the session. By making a habit of writing, you will be able to find your reading and comprehension skills improve over time. 

They say start from the little things and keep your consistency. In the modern world, we live today learning new languages is very easy. Especially nowadays everything is done on the internet such as taking an English online course at Cakap. An online platform that provides the ability for you to interact two ways through your device with a professional teacher. Isn’t that incredible? Well, what are you waiting for go give it a try!

Henan Normal University’s canteen gives discount for student who can memorize China poems

Have you ever imagined get a discount if you memorize China poems? It existed in Henan Normal University’s canteen! The university is located in Xinxiang, Henan, China.

In this modern era, classical culture seems boring for people, especially millennial generations. Those people often want to learn something modern. They don’t know classical culture is no less interesting.

There are many ways to make millennial generations more interested in studying history and classical culture. One of them is by giving them food discounts. Moreover, this millennial generation is known to be more active when it comes to food. This method is carried out by the campus canteen at Henan Normal University. What a brilliant idea!



Learn classic culture is important, but it can be also fun. You know, by learning those materials you can be more respectful to your country, getting new knowledge. And who knows, by learning classic culture can give you a discount?

Long queues occur in front of the canteen. Many students are competing to mention the classic poetry they know. The students can choose what kind of poem they wanted, from classical poetry to sentences from the Confucius analects. If those of students can be fluent in memorizing the poems, then the canteen will give a discount voucher in the amount of 9 Yuan ( Rp. 17.743) which enough to buy one portion of good food there.



It’s an easier way to make students know more about China’s classic poems. Isn’t it fun if you know that this knowledge can get you free food one day?

Meanwhile, according to the staff of the canteen, there are 200 to 300 students who participate in this quiz. Even, there are still a lot of students that can’t memorize the poems because not all majors have classes to study classical Chinese culture.

Now the Henan campus canteen is getting positive responses from various people. According to people, this is an appropriate and interesting way to introduce classical Chinese culture, by giving food discounts to students. Do you want to try?

Get to know more about China, by learning the language first. You can easily learn the Mandarin language by download Cakap application in App store and Play store.

Sightseeing Australia

Australia isn’t a place you tour from north to south or vice versa. Instead, it would be far better to go through it in a clockwise motion. So, let’s get started.


The territory of Queensland is the second largest state of Australia and is home to many wondrous sites. Thus, making it the most popular tourist destination in Australia. Here you can go surf the Gold Coast, tour the Daintree Rainforest with a guide from the Kuku Yalanji Tribe, drive through the ship-wrecked beaches of Fraser Island, and relax at the town of Port Douglas before taking off to dive and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef after visiting the Whitsundays


Going down to Australia’s oldest state, New South Wales is home to the famous harbor city – Sydney, home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and astounding Sydney Harbour Bridge. In Sydney alone, you can stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens, shop and eat through Darling Harbor, and go surf Bondi Beach.

For a more picturesque view of New South Wales, you can go hike through the trails of the Blue Mountains, watch the sunset at Byron Bay, go kayaking and fishing at Lord Howe Island, visit the Kiama at the South Coast, eat farm-fresh food at the Hunter Valley, and ski through the Snowy Mountains.


Being Australia’s smallest mainland state, Victoria is not to be taken for granted. It is home to the city of Melbourne, where you can shop through Queen Victoria Market, The Arcades, and Secret Lanes. The state also houses many natural and historical sites like The Twelve Apostles, the Organ Pipes National Park, the Princes Pier, and Coops Shot Tower


Also known as “The Wine State,” South Australia covers most of the drier, arid parts of Australia but houses the vast vineyards at Barossa Valley and Clare Valley. It is the home of the city of Adelaide, which has numerous cultural festivals. The more natural and picturesque sites include Kangaroo Island, Lake Gairdner, Fleurieu Peninsula, Mount Gambier, Murray River, and Coober Pedy


Western Australia is home to the city of Perth, which has grown through the centuries due to a boom in mining. The city alone houses many sites like Kings’ Park War Memorial, The Nostalgia Box, and Rottnest Island. Natural and more scenic sites include swimming with the stingrays at Hamelin Bay, feeding the dolphins at Monkey Mia, and driving through the Gibb River Road.


Because it is the largest territory in Australia, it is home to the largest part of the Australian Outback. So, you’d expect to visit very rugged sites like the Katherine Gorge, Kakadu, and Uluru-Kata Tjuta national Parks. Darwin, the youngest and more multicultural of Australia’s capital cities, is also located here. Here you can shop at the famous sunset Mindil Beach Markets and stroll through the Darwin Botanic Gardens.


Besides seeing the Tasmanian Devil, not the Looney Tunes character, some things to do on the island of Tasmania include a visit to Wine-Glass Bay, a trek through the Hastings Caves, a visit to Port Arthur, and sightseeing through the Bay of Fires.

You can explore Australia by visiting some places and for sure you must know english so you can go there due to english is general language that uses in Australia.

Ikuti Tips Belajar Bahasa Mandarin Ini dan Jadi Lebih Fasih!

kursus online bahasa mandarin

Bagi kamu yang sedang belajar bahasa Mandarin, berlatih merupakan salah satu hal yang penting. Namun terkadang kamu pun bingung harus berlatih bahasa Mandarin di mana dan dengan siapa. Melatih kemampuan berbahasa Mandarin dapat membuatmu lebih cepat fasih karena kamu akan menjadi lebih terbiasa dengan bahasa tersebut.

Berikut 5 tips latihan bahasa Mandarin

Mendengarkan Lagu Bahasa Mandarin

Musik merupakan salah satu sarana belajar yang paling mudah dijangkau dan menyenangkan. Dengan mendengarkan lagu berbahasa Mandarin, kamu menjadi lebih terbiasa dengan bahasa tersebut sehingga kamu menjadi lebih familiar dengan bahasa tersebut.

Nongkrong di Pecinan

Pecinan atau Chinatown merupakan salah satu tempat di mana banyak penduduk beretnis Tionghoa yang menempati suatu kota. Pecinan juga memiliki banyak restoran atau kedai makanan yang sangat menyenangkan. Kamu bisa

hangout di sana dan mengobrol dengan warga sekitar dengan menggunakan bahasa Mandarin. Menyenangkan, bukan? Kamu bisa makan enak, mendapat teman baru, dan melatih kemampuan bahasa Mandarin.

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Menonton Film Bahasa Mandarin

Dunia perfilman Tiongkok termasuk salah satu yang paling maju di dunia. Banyak film keren yang bisa kamu tonton sebagai sarana belajar bahasa Mandarin. Kamu bisa menonton film favoritmu dan melatih kemampuamu. Bila ada istilah yang kurang familiar, kamu bisa mengeceknya di internet atau kamus bahasa Mandarin.

Hangout dengan Teman yang Cakap Berbahasa Mandarin

Di sinilah gunanya teman. Ajak nongkrong temanmu yang fasih berbahasa Mandarin dan jangan malu untuk berbicang dengan mereka dalam bahasa Mandarin. Jangan takut salah dalam pengucapan karena kamu pun masih belajar. Teman yang baik pasti membantumu untuk menjadi lebih baik.

Kursus Bahasa Mandarin Online

Bila kamu kesulitan mencari teman berlatih atau rumahmu jauh dari Pecinan, kursus bahasa Mandarin bisa menjadi solusi. Kamu bisa melatih kemampuan bahasa Mandarinmu dengan pengajar bahasa Mandarin sehingga kamu tidak perlu takut bila melakukan kesalahan, mereka akan mengajarkanmu.

Kamu bisa mencoba Cakap. Cakap menyediakan kursus bahasa Mandarin bersertifikat dengan tim pengajar profesional yang berasal dari Beijing. Kamu bisa berlatih kapanpun dan di manapun yang kamu inginkan. Mudah, praktis, dan terjamin.

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