Henan Normal University’s canteen gives discount for student who can memorize China poems

Have you ever imagined get a discount if you memorize China poems? It existed in Henan Normal University’s canteen! The university is located in Xinxiang, Henan, China.

In this modern era, classical culture seems boring for people, especially millennial generations. Those people often want to learn something modern. They don’t know classical culture is no less interesting.

There are many ways to make millennial generations more interested in studying history and classical culture. One of them is by giving them food discounts. Moreover, this millennial generation is known to be more active when it comes to food. This method is carried out by the campus canteen at Henan Normal University. What a brilliant idea!



Learn classic culture is important, but it can be also fun. You know, by learning those materials you can be more respectful to your country, getting new knowledge. And who knows, by learning classic culture can give you a discount?

Long queues occur in front of the canteen. Many students are competing to mention the classic poetry they know. The students can choose what kind of poem they wanted, from classical poetry to sentences from the Confucius analects. If those of students can be fluent in memorizing the poems, then the canteen will give a discount voucher in the amount of 9 Yuan ( Rp. 17.743) which enough to buy one portion of good food there.



It’s an easier way to make students know more about China’s classic poems. Isn’t it fun if you know that this knowledge can get you free food one day?

Meanwhile, according to the staff of the canteen, there are 200 to 300 students who participate in this quiz. Even, there are still a lot of students that can’t memorize the poems because not all majors have classes to study classical Chinese culture.

Now the Henan campus canteen is getting positive responses from various people. According to people, this is an appropriate and interesting way to introduce classical Chinese culture, by giving food discounts to students. Do you want to try?

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