Wanna be the Best English Student? Learn This Study Tips!

Learning can be a challenging thing to do especially when you’re learning the English language. But if you do it little by little and with consistency, you’ll be able to succeed. Here are some guidelines to help you improve your reading and pronunciation that will lead you to become a better English student. 

Study Every Day

Learning a new language is a time-consuming process, more than 300 hours by some estimates. Instead of trying and cram a few hours of a review once or twice a week, most experts say short, regular study sessions are more effective. Take time for like 30 minutes a day can help you improve your English skills over time. 

Keep Things Fresh

Some people would focus on one single assignment for the entire study session, instead, you can try to mix things up. Study a little grammar, then do a short listening exercise, then maybe you could read an article on the same topic. Just remember don’t force yourself by doing too much, 20 minutes each on three different exercises is plenty. The variety will keep you engaged and makes studying more fun.

Read, Watch, and Listen a lot

You can start by reading magazines, newspapers, books, listen to music, or watch a movie it will help you improve your written and verbal comprehension skills. If you do it consistently, you’ll begin to unconsciously absorb things like pronunciation, speak patterns, grammar, and accents. 

Keep your pen and paper close to you. you may need it to write down words you read or heard that unfamiliar to you. Then you can do some research on the internet or simply use your dictionary to find the meaning of the words.

Learn the sound separately 

Non-native English speakers will sometimes struggle with certain word pronunciations because in their country there are no similar sounds in their native tongue. There might be several words that are similar but pronounced quite different.  As an example, in English, there are some letters where of them is silent (The K in “knife”). There are plenty of English pronunciation videos you can find on YouTube.

Watch out for Homophones

Do you know what homophones are? Homophones are words that are pronounced the same way, but their spellings are different and have different meanings. You will find several homophones in English which is the challenging part of learning the English language. 

Here’s an example of homophones; “Pack your clothes, then close the suitcase.” Both “clothes” and “close” sound the same, but their spelling and meaning are different. 

Play Vocabulary and Grammar Games

Improving your English can be done by doing plenty of things one of them is playing vocabulary games that are related to what you are studying.  You can also play a similar game with grammar reviews. 

These two games will help you prepare and think critically about vocabulary and usage. 

Write it down

Writing while you’re learning on a sheet of paper and repeating it inside your head is key as you’re learning English. Take 30 minutes at the end of your class and write down what you’ve learned from the session. By making a habit of writing, you will be able to find your reading and comprehension skills improve over time. 

They say start from the little things and keep your consistency. In the modern world, we live today learning new languages is very easy. Especially nowadays everything is done on the internet such as taking an English online course at Cakap. An online platform that provides the ability for you to interact two ways through your device with a professional teacher. Isn’t that incredible? Well, what are you waiting for go give it a try!